HAMM: innovations and tried-and-tested classics for asphalt and soil compaction

At CTT 2018, HAMM is exhibiting a selection of rollers specially tailored to meet the needs of the Russian market. The asphalt construction area is represented by the articulated tandem rollers in the HD+ and HD CompactLine series. Added to these are classic machines from the pneumatic tyre roller segment and 3000 series compactors for earthwork. HAMM offers an extensive programme with specially tailored machines to meet the local requirements in every product segment.

Due to complex tasks in road construction and earthwork, different climate zones, locally proven construction methods and materials as well as legislation, there are marked regional differences in requirements for the construction machinery market. HAMM therefore maintains a highly diverse product programme that takes account of the particular features of the individual countries and regions. Wherever in the world they may be, customers can rest assured: HAMM always has the right compactors, tandem rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers with which to complete upcoming tasks efficiently and in high quality. At CTT 2018, HAMM is displaying the following machines:

  • HD CompactLine series compact rollers: high-quality compaction even on small construction sites
  • HD+ series tandem rollers: modern classics
  • GRW pneumatic tyre rollers: rugged machine construction, robust engineering
  • 3000 series compactors: tried-and-tested classics remain part of the programme

HAMM offers the global construction industry a highly diverse product programme currently consisting of 220 models for road construction, landscaping and earthwork.

HD CompactLine: articulated compact rollers from 1.5 t to 4.5 t

With a total of 15 tandem and combi rollers in the HD CompactLine for the Russian market alone, HAMM offers the widest product diversity in the compact segment. The drum widths of these articulated rollers with 3-point articulation range from 0.80 m to 1.38 m. The agile and highly manoeuvrable compaction machines are user-friendly all-rounders for road construction and landscaping. Among their most important features are perfect visibility thanks to a “wasp-waist” front section, low vehicle height and good transport and handling characteristics. Modern Kubota engines ensure a quiet, yet powerful drive. HAMM is the only manufacturer with compact-class models featuring oscillation drums. This low-impact, low-vibration and intelligent compaction mode can therefore also be used on confined construction sites such as in city centres.

The HD CompactLine rollers from HAMM are available as tandem rollers, combi rollers and pneumatic tyre rollers. Moreover, HAMM is the sole manufacturer in this class to make rollers with oscillation drums.

Modern classics: HD+ series articulated tandem rollers

With 46 models ranging from 7 t to 14 t, the HD+ series of articulated tandem rollers from HAMM continues to dominate the market in asphalt construction. HAMM has traditionally paid attention to maximum ease of operation and simple, unambiguous user guidance. The wealth of space in the XXL cab is remarkable. With a laterally adjustable and rotatable driver’s seat and powerful heater (option) that can also be complemented with air conditioning if desired, a pleasant working environment is assured in all weathers.

Looking out from the XXL cab, drivers have an excellent view of the roller drums and water sprinkling system. They also have a good overview of the surrounding area thanks to the excellent visibility – without intruding pillars – provided by the articulated tandem rollers with their compact design. At the same time, the control panel and display always remain in the field of view, being rigidly attached to the seat. Of course, HAMM delivers the machines without roof, with ROPS roof or with sunshield roof.

The handling and compaction qualities of the HD+ tandem rollers are also impressive, thanks in particular to their extremely favourable weight distribution. Whether straights, slopes, bends or roundabouts: the machines quickly produce perfectly smooth surfaces. When reversing, the automatic transmission ensures gentle acceleration and braking, playing its part in producing even asphalt layers without bulges or hollows. In addition, the tandem rollers’ large track offset means generous clearance for clean edge pressing.

The HD+ series tandem rollers from HAMM stand out for their great ease of operation and perfect visibility.

GRW 10 – 24: ruggedly built and robust

HAMM also leads the field in the pneumatic tyre roller segment, as it has done since the 1960s. Today, with 18 different models, HAMM ranks among the manufacturers with the largest range of pneumatic tyre rollers in the world. At CTT 2018, HAMM is displaying a model from the GRW 10 – 24 series. These rollers are ruggedly built, robust and have proved their worth. The pneumatic tyre rollers with operating weights from 9 t to 24 t are equipped with an EU Stage III/Tier 3 exhaust emission standard engine. The roller’s heavy weight is distributed evenly over all four wheels, resulting in homogenous compaction. Hydrodynamic transmission makes for smooth driving with continuously variable speed. The high transport speed of 20 km/h enables quick transfers around the construction site. In order to match the machines optimally to the applications in hand, the rollers can have ballast weights attached or removed to adjust the downforce.

Надежно собранные пневмоколесные катки HAMM серии GRW выпускаются с эксплуатационной массой от 9 до 24 т. Эти классические модели можно найти по всему миру на стройплощадках, где укладывается асфальт и проводятся земляные работы.

3000 series compactors: the tried-and-tested classics for earthwork

The 3000 series is a classic among compactors. It enjoys worldwide popularity because the rollers are simple to operate and extremely versatile. They have high compaction power and enormous climbing ability, offering outstanding driving and handling characteristics thanks to the 3-point articulation.

HAMM is aiming this series in particular at customers from countries in which the EU Stage II/Tier 2 or EU Stage III/Tier 3 exhaust emission standards apply. The options available reflect the requirements of these markets. They extend from the HAMM Compaction Meter (HCM) to a protective roof and a fuel pre-filter. A wide range of lighting, tyre and comfort versions are also available. Especially the EU Stage II/Tier 2-2 models 3410 (10.7 t) and 3411 (11.4 t) were modified slightly in 2017. They now offer even more comfort and safety features than before in the standard version, and thanks to a new cooling concept, they are able to compact at full power even in ambient temperatures of up to 50°C.

Veritable classics for earthwork: the 3000 series compactors from HAMM combine a timeless yet modern design with tried-and-tested technology, EU Stage II/Tier 2 or EU Stage III/Tier 3 engines and simple operation.