The operating principle of paving

The asphalt pavers are built out of three basic parts: main chassis, hopper for asphalt input, and extending screed. The main chassis houses all the components related with the movement of the machine such as the diesel engine, transmission system, undercarriage (tires or crawlers), control panel, and components related to the transportation and spreading of material such as asphalt conveyor, the hopper flow gates, and the hydraulic components such as pumps, engines, valves, etc.

The asphalt hopper is located on the front part of the chassis and is used to receive asphalt mix. It has independently tilting side flaps and pivoting brace rolls that push the truck's rear tires that supply the machine with asphalt mix.

The extending screed is the component that levels and pre-compacts the asphalt mixture that was spread by the material conveyor system over the surface to be paved.