Key components

These are the components of the paving technology.

Truck brace rolls

When the paver pushes the asphalt mix supply truck, the brace rolls exert pressure on the rear tires, causing the truck to be moved forward by the machine and maintaining the unloading of asphalt mixture from the dumpster into the asphalt hopper.

Asphalt Hopper

Receives the load of asphalt mix from the truck. It is designed with hydraulic cylinders that make it possible to open and close the bin and cause the asphalt mix to slide to the asphalt conveyor to be transported. The hopper's asphalt flow gates are located between the hopper and the rear part of the machine and directly affect the asphalt mixture flow taken by the asphalt conveyor to the extending screed.

Asphalt mix conveyor system

This system is made up with two belt conveyors and two independent screw conveyors driven by high torque hydraulic motors. CIBER's pavers have a completely updated design for operating with various types of materials and mixtures.

Control System

The control of the equipment is done by a micro processing system, in which all the components are interlinked and processed in order to make the operation safe and easy. The modern and ergonomic control panel provides easy access and control to all the operation's functions. From one dynamic, digital screen it is possible to observe all the operational functions by means of graphic symbols of international standard. Operational diagnostics is provided in real time during the operation.

Traction system

CIBER has two types of different pavers:

Pavers on tires: featuring two rear-drive tires and four front solid rubber steering tires in tandem by a pivot shaft and double-yoke system that provides constant contact with the ground. They provide good maneuverability even in extreme situations and displacement speed.

Pavers on crawler tracks: designed with two crawlers with a wide area in contact with the ground, offering superb stability and a greater traction capacity. They also offer high-resistant rollers and shoes coated with a vulcanized material that has a composition specific for demanding traction strains.

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system of the CIBER pavers is made up of pumps and axial-piston motors, filters, gear pumps, valves & controls, cylinders, and hydraulic motors.

The gear pumps provide hydraulic fluid with enough pressure to power the cylinders, the hydraulic system, and provide power steering.

Hydrostatic Transmission

The pumps, axial-piston motors, and planetary gearboxes mounted directly on the paver's drive wheel work together to form a closed circuit normally known as hydrostatic transmission.