Key benefits

These are the key benefits of the paving technology.

Maneuverability and efficiency

The automatic leveling control systems provide reliability to the equipment, ensuring precise paving control through constant monitoring of the screed's position in relation to the reference surface. This procedure ensures a consistent paving layer thickness and quality surface finish. CIBER's line of pavers offers solutions for jobs of any size, designed for maneuverability and efficiency.

Total control

The control panel is made up of controls and systems that provide total control and the interaction between the operator and the machine, is easy to use iand brings better results and higher productivity. The layout of the panel is clear and user-friendly for the operator, bringing precision and ease when controlling the equipment.

Completely updated design

With a completely updated design for operating with the most diverse types of materials and mixes, the material conveyor system used on CIBER pavers is sure to bring efficiency and excellent results.

Pre-compacting system

The pre-compacting system offers excellent levels of compacting, a perfect finish, and a homogeneous asphalt layer that is free of imperfections.

Modern hydrostatic transmission system

CIBER's modern hydrostatic transmission system gives to its pavers quality assurance, synonymous with power and high performance during the most diverse operating conditions.

CIBER extending screed models

The extending screed is the main component that levels and pre-compacts the asphalt mix that was spread by the material transportation system over the surface to be paved. The screed has a main body, side extensions, smoothing plates, pre-compacting system, and control mechanisms for the crowning or camber of the road and adjusting the paving thickness. The extending screed is connected to the main chassis by two side arms.

The extending screed has manual and automatic thickness control systems that make it possible to work in the most diverse kinds of applications such as special applications with an excellent performance in the application of stabilizing bases.

Control panels located at the ends of the extending screed make it possible to execute the open/close operations of the extensions on the extending screed, the up/down operations of the screed, and automatically or manually control the thickness by using the electronic grading system.

They are driven by hydraulic motors and offer a control that makes it possible for them to vary the vibration frequency progressively.

CIBER extending screed models SME405TV and ES360V are characterized by their excellent stability and robustness, providing good results and the certainty of solid profitability.

Automatic grading control systems

Currently the automatic grading control systems used on the pavers are considered indispensable items during the paving processes due to the current execution requirements for highway building projects. Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários, always innovating and searching for new solutions for paving, stands out with systems available in all of its lines of pavers.

Below are some of the different kinds of electronic grading control:

  • Conventional grading system by means of a longitudinal and transversal type sensor
  • Automatic Grading System that uses ultrasonic longitudinal sensors

Modular microprocessors

Based on modern paving systems, the CIBER Paver Plus series is designed with modular microprocessors that can be used to control different types of leveling and be adapted to the various types of application, which today are being in high demand in precise, large road construction projects

Easy maintenance

The equipment also makes maintenance easy: parts such as the valve block, the batteries, and the filtering elements can be accessed without difficulty.