Key benefits

These are the key benefits of counter-flow asphalt plants.

Total portability

Their dimensions are precisely designed so that there is no need for pilot cars during highway transport.

Their electrical connection cables are labeled on both ends and have plugs that only allow the correct plant assembly.

Its fluid input piping (PAC, fuel, and thermal oil) is flexible and of different models for each function with threaded or flanged joints with 4 bolts, which makes for an easier and error-free assembly.

Its leveling system is quick and practical, making mobilization extremely quick.

Precise aggregate weighing

The aggregates are weighed constantly and individually by means of a self-monitoring system that continually checks the mass flow from each bin and automatically corrects the speed of each belt.

The operator adds moisture data on each aggregate to the system, which corrects the weighing automatically so that the exact quantity of dry aggregates receives the exact quantity of binder (PAC).

Parallel to this, the system controls the speed of the PAC pump to provide excellent cost-benefit ratios.

High production, efficient drying of aggregates and low fuel consumption

The counter-flow dryer ensures high production and total extraction of moisture from the aggregates as well as saves on fuel.

High-quality mixture

The external mixture provides a better quality of mixture considering all the systems available, as well as increases the durability of the PAC.

Environmental preservation

The fine aggregate pre-collector system, Static Separator®, and the Bag Filter for purifying the exhaust gases ensure that every aggregate weighed will be reincorporated into the mix and preserve the environment.