Key components

These are the components of cold asphalt plants.

Feed Bins

The feed bins have dimensions compatible with the production of the plant and with the front-end loader used for loading the bin. Its storage volume was designed to ensure a continuous and precise weighing process. Various optional devices can increase the weighing precision, control ease, and the number of mixtures that the plant is capable of preparing.

Conveyor Belts

The conveyor belts to the soil mixtures were designed to make it possible to transport any type of aggregate up to the size of 2½" without the risk of sliding off or material sliding back. Belts with vulcanized transversal grooves are used on the portable plant in order to ensure efficiency in the transportation process and not waste material. This system is exclusive to CIBER.


The mixer on CIBER's cold plants is of the twin-shaft Pugmill type, with an extremely rugged design. Its zone of contact with the aggregates is lined with plates that are highly resistant to corrosion. The arms are bipartite and hinged, which makes them easier to assemble to the shaft, and are built out of die cast steel of great mechanical resistance. The blades are also made of highly resistant, anti-rust steel, are reversible, and their height can be adjusted, giving them longer durability.