Key benefits

These are the key benefits of batch asphalt plants.

Meet the most rigorous specifications

The weighing of the aggregates with a pre-classification of its size, the independent weighing, and the PAC injection into a Pugmill ensure the production of asphalt mixtures that meet the most rigorous specifications for different applications. Furthermore, the counter flow drying system maximizes the heat transferences from the drying fumes to the aggregates.

Non continuous production

The production is not continuous, which gives the operator the option of choosing from different types of mix for each load, as well as offering variations to the production cycle.

Weight precision

Weight precision of smaller orders down to 0.2% since the weight is measured by static vertical scales.

Environmental preservation

The fine aggregate pre-collector system and the Bag Filter for purifying the exhaust gases, ensure that every aggregate weighed will be reincorporated into the mix and preserve the environment.