The magazine for customers, staff and friends of the WIRTGEN GROUP

The FORUM magazine is the mirror of our global group of companies with their strong WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, KLEEMANN and BENNINGHOVEN brands. Join us regularly to have a look behind the scenes at the WIRTGEN GROUP brand headquarters, and learn all that you’ve ever wanted to know about our group of companies and their innovative technologies.


This edition will show you that sustainability is one of the WIRTGEN GROUP’s core principles.

  • Green Elements
    Environmentally friendly production at our main facilities.
  • Reliable Partnerships
    Supplier management evaluates quality.
  • Power Hybrid
    An environmentally friendly solution from HAMM.
  • Cold, Hot, Sustainable
    Groundbreaking technologies and products.
  • Commitment
    John Deere 2022 Sustainability Goals.
  • A Passion for Real Progress
    Interview with CEO Domenic G. Ruccolo.
  • A Perfect Fit
    Part 2 of our Customer Support series introduces our spare parts service.
  • Big Data
    WIRTGEN GROUP Telematics and On-Site Solutions.
  • Road Technology Days
    Around 4,000 visitors experience the latest technologies.