The WIRTGEN GROUP will surprise the market one again with innovations at the M&T Expo 2018

The WIRTGEN GROUP, the market leader in equipment for road construction and maintenance and in mining equipment, once again promises to surprise the market at the M&T Expo 2018 with unique and incomparable innovations. The company will be present in one of the largest booths in the trade fair, in an area of 1200m2, showing a total of 15 pieces of equipment, 7 of which are new to the Brazilian market and a good deal of them are also new to the Latin American market.

More than simply manufacturing and providing equipment, it is necessary to understand the customers' demands and their respective projects, presenting technical solutions for each application. Moreover, the WIRTGEN GROUP has the most complete portfolio of products and solutions for all road construction stages, as well as for the maintenance and rehabilitation of asphalt pavements.

"We believe that at each constructive stage, the choice of the correct equipment ensures total productivity, profitability and full quality of the construction job. The technological innovations of the WIRTGEN GROUP equipment add even more efficiency and safety to the execution, walking side by side with the new techniques of civil engineering, which are continuously developed to build and maintain roads in a faster way, with lower cost and higher quality", explains Luiz Marcelo Tegon, Chief Commercial Officer at CIBER Equipamentos Rodoviários.

With 60 years of experience in paving equipment, CIBER Equipamentos Rodoviários, a WIRTGEN GROUP company operating in Latin America, Africa, Oceania and Southeast Asia and a master dealer for the product brands WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM and KLEEMANN in Brazil, will be the voice and the promoter of the WIRTGEN GROUP exhibition at the M&T Expo 2018.

The News

The new demands in the paving business, such as the a production of sustainable asphalt mixes, more economical mixes, and mixes with greater durability have an effect on the chain of inputs, projects and equipment. "Therefore we will present the main innovations in the segment of asphalt plants with the new line of iNOVA Asphalt Plants, which delivers to all of our customers a product portfolio full of technologies that are unique in the market', says Luiz Marcelo Tegon.

In addition, the WIRTGEN GROUP always seeks to bring market innovations in all equipment segments to the M&T Expo editions; thus, it will present news in the segments of aggregates crushing, milling, recycling, paving, and compacting as well.

There will be 7 major launches presented, which the company will exhibit and explain to visitors through interesting resources to better demonstrate the advantages and benefits of each machine. We will be using innovative resources in each product segment exhibited in the booth to provide details on the new technologies, operation and optimization of results with the equipment. For example, we will be using a simulator, which is exclusive in the segment, especially developed for M&T Expo, which will allow customers and visitors in general to operate a machine, an unprecedented simulated operation in a trade fair, according to Jandrei Goldschmidt, Marketing Director at CIBER.

An opportunity to make major deals

Another company action during the M&T Expo that customers may expect is the unique trade fair conditions to acquire WIRTGEN GROUP equipment. These will be commercial conditions not to be missed, which we are creating to offer to our customers during the trade fair, exclusively. For this reason, we already invite all customers to come to the WIRTGEN GROUP booth (booth No. 500) and to get to know all novelties and unbeatable commercial conditions. The challenge is "do not buy any paving equipment before negotiating with the WIRTGEN GROUP", we will certainly surprise you and we will make excellent businesses", says Luiz Marcelo Tegon, President at CIBER.

Always very close to our customers

The WIRTGEN GROUP is globally known for establishing a very close partnership with the customers after the purchase of a machine. The thorough consultancy and extensive professional expertise are the main features of the group's post-sales service, subsidiaries and dealerships. Service teams always close to you and available to solve questions and offer appropriate, fast, and reliable solutions.

According to the Marketing Director at CIBER, Jandrei Goldschmidt, the distinct features of the post-sales service by the WIRTGEN GROUP will also be seen at the M&T Expo 2018. They will be showing the most innovative news on spare parts, cost-benefit ration and optimization of services aiming to provide and share with the customers and visitors the maximum efficiency they can have with WIRTGEN GROUP equipment. The company's goal is to make the work of its customers easier, offering technical support, and a constant partnership.

For the WIRTGEN GROUP, selling a piece of equipment is only the beginning of a long-lasting relationship that offers the best cost-benefit ratio to the customer. The goal of the WIRTGEN GROUP Customer Service is to provide streamlined operation of the equipment whether from the factory itself or by qualified customer service from its dealers.

About CIBER Equipamentos Rodoviários

CIBER operates in the markets of Latin America, Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, bringing development to the regions and offering the best cost-benefit ratio on products it manufactures.

For 60 years, the company has brought over 1800 asphalt plants to the market. It is part of the WIRTGEN GROUP, which encompasses other four important brands: WIRTGEN, VÖGELE, HAMM, and KLEEMANN, all of them with headquarters in Germany as well as production plants in Brazil, India and China.


Headquartered in Germany, the WIRTGEN GROUP is a technology leader in the sector of construction and mining machines. In addition to the plant in Porto Alegre, in Rio Grande do Sul, the group serves the five continents through is subsidiaries and dealerships.

Last year, the Wirtgen group - which has over 8000 employees today - had the impressive mark of 3.1 billion euros in consolidated sales. On December 1, 2017, the WIRTGEN GROUP was officially acquired by Deere & Company, thus becoming the 3rd largest equipment manufacturer in the world.