The best use of your equipment

For equipment of provide better productivity, it is essential that everyone operating it is fully aware of how it operates. In order to ensure safety and durability to the equipment CIBER sells, the manufacturer offers training courses to its customers through its distributors and factory in order to provide all the operators with the knowledge needed to operate and maintain the machines. These training courses are qualified by the factory and provide expertise from specialists and personal service according to the specifications of each project or work site.

Knowledge at All Levels

The training results in more success and efficiency at the work sites by increasing equipment performance and avoiding damages. From the road worker to the engineer, all people involved need to be trained in the technical aspects and receive basic information to these extremely specialized contents. These courses may also increase the proximity and partnership between the company and its customers, making all services more agile and effective.

Training Schedule

Find the right training for you and check the dates of the seminars available.

Download: Training Schedule - Customers

And if you can't find the exact course you were looking for, we will gladly adapt course content to match your needs. Our training courses take place either at our brand headquarters, at our sales and service subsidiaries, or directly on the job sites.

We look forward to talking to you!