Optimized operation of all the equipment

For CIBER, selling a piece of equipment is only the beginning of a long-lasting relationship for offering the customer the best cost-benefit ratio. The objective of CIBER Service is to provide streamlined operation of the equipment whether from the factory itself or by qualified customer service from its sales representatives.

The purpose of Customer Service is to make sure that the equipment continues operating, answer questions, carry out preventive maintenance, and diagnose and correct problems, always in a quick and effective manner.

Customer Service offers:

  • Comprehensive technical support for the entire product line
  • High quality original parts
  • Practical and intelligent communication system with the customer
  • Training courses for all the products sold

Always on the customer's side

The CIBER Service is present in all the markets where the company sells its equipment in order to provide quick and effective customer service in any part of Latin America and Africa. The company's objective is to make the work of its customers easier, offer technical support, and a consistent partnership.

CIBER is Where you Need it

The CIBER network is experienced and specialized as well as backed by the factory in Porto Alegre. Local support is always close to the customer and is offered by sales representatives who are authorized and trained by the company to meet the various demands. Other areas are made available around the world other than the factory's shop in order to facilitate the access of technicians and customers.

Continuing Qualification

The professionals who at CIBER and its sales representatives receive training courses and are constantly updated on the various technologies in order to be ready to efficiently solve all types of needs on the equipment sold. The CIBER technicians have experience in electric and hydraulic circuits and are trained to solve issues of different nature.

The Strength of the Factory

CIBER customers can also have direct contract with the factory in Porto Alegre, whether by phone or over the internet, for solving doubts and addressing daily work problems. A full, experienced team is in place to support after-sales and they work to offer the best operation for each equipment so that the utilization of the machines has the best cost-benefit ratio for the customers, depending on the specific needs.