Fluids Analysis

With the commitment to offer high level Product Support, we make another solution available to our customers - Fluids Analysis, which allows for monitoring and identification of mechanic stages.

The result of the analysis, along with other maintenance indicators, helps our customers with equipment management, acting in a preventive form reducing downtimes of the machine and maintenance costs. The results of the analysis are available on the Analysis Portal, accessed through our website.

Through periodical collection of fluids it is possible to check for damages in sealing, leakage evidence, contamination with more viscous oil, presence of shavings, wear tendency, among others.


You will have an additional indicator for correct diagnosis of your equipment, increasing RELABILITY and PRODUCTIVITY, in addition to acting in a preventive way if components present any abnormality.

  • Cost reduction
  • Reduction of downtimes
  • Increase in productivity

Access the Analysis Portal and monitor the results of your equipment! For information on how to request this service, contact the dealer in your region.