The foundation of the company and its development throughout these 59 years run alongside the lines of Brazil and Latin America modernization.

On May 29th, in the city of Caxias do Sul in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, the Brazilian-naturalized Italian, Clemente Cifali, founded the first Brazilian company to produce asphalt plants with the intention of meeting his own needs as a subcontractor at construction sites in a time marked by significant structural development in Brazil and Latin America. That was the creation of CLEMENTE CIFALI & FILHO, which is today worldly known as CIBER EQUIPAMENTOS RODOVIÁRIOS LTDA.

Leadership since 1958

Foundation of the first Brazilian company for road construction equipment, today worldly known as Ciber Equipamentos Rodoviários.

1967 Markets in Expansion

CIBER starts selling to the Latin American market.

1984 National Capital

The company now has 100% of national capital, and control is assumed by a group of Brazilian and Japanese investors. This year, the industrial park is expanded and a new administrative area is built.

1987 Joint-venture with Wirtgen GmbH

CIBER starts a joint-venture with Wirtgen GmbH, which transfers latest generation technology to the Brazilian associate. With the agreement, the production of the first milling machines starts in Brazil.

1988 Brazilian Industrial Company of Road Equipment

This year, the company changes its name to: CIBER – Companhia Industrial Brasileira de Equipamentos Rodoviários.

1996 Wirtgen Group

Wirtgen assumes control of CIBER's shares, integrating the company to the WIRTGEN GROUP and taking its products to an increasingly more globalized market.

1997 Technology exchange

Driven by the German parent company, CIBER gathers into intense technology exchange with other companies in the group. At his moment, it consolidates its name as a brand, invests strongly in improvements in its industrial processes, and starts to use the name CIBER Equipamentos Rodoviários Ltda., as it is known today.

2003 New line of modular asphalt plants

Launching of an innovative concept of continuous counterflow asphalt plant with modular external mix, which would revolutionized the paving market in the following years.

2005 Beginning of Hamm Compacting Rollers production in Brazil

Beginning of the Brazilian production of the German brand of compacting rollers, HAMM, in Porto Alegre. HAMM brand, pioneer in rollers manufacturing, becomes a renowned brand.

2006 The Advanced Series is launched

CIBER launches its Advanced Series Counterflow Asphalt Plants offering stability and reliability to its users, bringing even more advantages to CIBER plants family.

2007 New markets and modernization of the manufacturing facilities

CIBER develops its line of products launching the Plus Series of Pavers of high performance and starts the production under the license of the WIRTGEN W 1000L milling machine, this year several investments in modernization have been done at the plant. CIBER intensifies its commercial businesses in the African continent, overcoming maritime boundaries and reaches countries such as Angola, Mozambique, Libya, Algeria, Cameroon, South Africa, and also the farthest regions of Latin America.

2008 Half a century of leadership

The company completes 50 years celebrating half a century of leadership.

2009 CIBER launches the Kompakt line of Asphalt Plants

CIBER successfully presents a new line of Asphalt Plants to the market. The Kompakt series is introduced with several advantages such as reduction in installation cost and time to complete the job, ideal for construction sites located in difficult regions and fast execution. As an acknowledgement to its pioneering, CIBER has achieved four awards with Kompakt plants - Prêmio CNI de Inovação (Innovation Award by CNI), Brazil Design Award, IDEA Brasil and IDEA Mundial (Global IDEA Award).

2011 KLEEMANN Sales and ISO 9001 Certificate

CIBER starts selling mobile crushers by KLEEMANN in Brazil and also receives ISO 9001 Certificate.

2012 Innovation in asphalt plants

Innovating once again, CIBER launches the iNOVA series counterflow asphalt plants line with external mix.

2013 Historical record

CIBER reaches the astonishing record of 1700 Asphalt Plants sold in the continents where it is present. It is the recognition of millions of customers in four continents of the quality and reliability of CIBER plants.

2014 Growth

An additional expansion of the manufacturing facilities is carried out, expanding the area in Porto Alegre, RS, from 48,000 m² to 51,680 m², in addition to investments in improvements and new layout in production lines.

2015 Year of New Launchings

CIBER takes the market by surprise once again with the pre-launching at the M&T Expo 2015 of the new model of counterflow asphalt plant iNOVA Series, the UACF iNOVA 2000 P2, with a productive capacity of 200 t/h in just two mobilities. It also nationalizes the production of the HAMM HD 90 tandem roller and begins the production of VÖGELE pavers in Brazil, with the model VÖGELE Super 1300-3.