• Ciber Kompakt Series Asphalt Plants

    The best of asphlat plants in a compact version ... More

  • Ciber iNOVA Series Asphalt Plants

    The most modern technology in asphalt mix production... More

  • Ciber Advanced Series Asphalt Plants

    High quality in asphalt mix production ... More

  • Ciber Batch Asphalt Plant

    The best quality of mixture with high production ... More

  • Slipform paver SP 15

    Flexible slipform paver for paving monolithic profiles in offset application… more

  • Binding agent spreaders SW 16 MC

    This high-end spreader is suitable for use in both soil stabilization and cold recycling… more

New corporate video of the Wirtgen Group

Watch the new corporate video of the Wirtgen Group 2014. More

New standards in the cutting technology

Discover the advantages of GENERATION X and of the toolholder system HT 22. Perfectly coordinated components for a longer operating life. More

Job Report: W 200 – rehabilitating roads for the World Cup in Brazil

The rehabilitation work must proceed speedily and economically, minimizing the obstruction to traffic. To meet these requirements, the contractor Fremix Engenharia e Comércio Ltda. elected to use a Wirtgen cold milling machine W 200 with super-fine milling drum. More

Exhibitions and events

  1. 10/09/2014 - 14/09/2014

    Capac Expo Hábitat 2014

  2. 18/10/2014 - 18/10/2014

    1st Technical Conference of Movicortes Angola

  3. 17/11/2014 - 20/11/2014

    Exposibram Amazônia 2014

  4. 24/03/2015 - 26/03/2015

    Road Expo 2015